Monthly Report (July - August, 2021)

Dear investors,

Today we've a great news that HourlyPalace have been online for 1 month since online investment platform was launched.
We're developing very successfully and aiming to go forward over the years.

And now we'd like to share our achievements with you:

During the month, many new features and payment gateways have been added to the platform.
The user interface of the deposit and withdrawal pages has been improved and accelerated with our unique invoice system, that provided with detailed information for all your deposit and withdrawal requests..
The payment gateway handler has also been upgraded for immediate processing of transactions of deposits and withdrawals.

For just a month of operation, more than 1311 active investors have been joined and many new investors join us daily from all over the world.
At the time of publication of the news, we've received an investments amounts in the amount of $118145.81

Everyone who've invested in our platform have received their solid returns of more than $3 million US dollars, and continue to receive payments seamlessly
At the time of publication of the news, the total amount of paid profits is $17022.15.

There are 26 independent impartial monitorings control us for solvency with high reliability, that 100% of them gave us "PAYING" status ;

Join Investment platform right now, invest in your bright future.

Your Sincerely, team